Project manager Project manager

Do friends and colleagues refer to you as a social chameleon? Great! Do you get a kick out of holding important presentations for big-shots at some of the most exciting brands right now? Even better! We are looking for someone who’s as organized as he/she is an initiative taker.

What You Will Be Doing
  • Create all kinds of communication, ranging from PR plans, film production, website production and full-blown marketing campaigns.
  • Manage projects on a daily basis and ensure expectations are met.
  • Create budgets and time plans and make sure they are met.
  • Create creative briefs that convey the client’s needs to the creative team.
  • Build proposals for existing and new clients and be a part of pitching them.
Who You Are
  • 1-3 years of experience working at a communication agency or similar.
  • Enjoy doing a variety of different things and having several projects ongoing at the same time.
  • A love for understanding and convincing people.
  • Excellent verbal, written and presentation skills in English.
  • Possess a can-do, positive attitude.
how to apply
Send a short email along with any relevant info, portfolio and CV to:

Why house of radon

We call ourselves a creative agency – our word for a hybrid of an advertising agency, a production house, a creative incubator and a private restaurant. We put designers, animators, programmers and planners next to each other instead of separated by different company walls – enabling us to both think bold ideas and have the creative power to execute them. You can read more about our thinking here.


We’ve grown out of an underdog mentality, changing and evolving constantly. As an employee you will be part of that. If you like hierarchies, prestige and calm or if you like working in a department with only people doing the exact same thing as you – you probably should look elsewhere.


Most people seem to like working here. We’re nice guys and girls between 18-34 years, spread over 8 nationalities. We host parties, trips, sports, yoga, film society, poker, ping pong, a pretty neat office – to name a few perks. Speaking of perks. Our lovely chefs make awesome food in the office all days of the week. Healthy and deadly addictive. Say goodbye to the lunch box or restaurant.


We also have to admit – we’re a bit special in the advertising scene. Our primary goal is not to win all the advertising prizes that the world has to offer or to do great case videos – it is to do great stuff. Sometimes those awards get in the way, sometimes they don’t. Substance over flash we call it and we’re looking for people who share that mindset.