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About Nooks

The idea of Nooks was born just like the ideas of many startups – out of frustration. In our case it was because of the situation of Stockholm’s hectic housing market. How did it even end up like this? When did we start accepting the fact that our greatest investment in life should be based on a 10-minute tour together with 30 strangers? Or even worse, seeing dream homes slipping out of our hands just because they’re sold ahead of the actual apartment viewing.

We want to change all of this. Nooks is a new kind of real estate service that takes the pressure off selling and buying. Our mission is to slow down the market to a more humane speed, to create a market for sellers and buyers, not real estate brokers. We uncover the hidden treasures, the apartments that are usually not on the market, by collecting all homes that might be for sale – if the timing, the bid and buyer feels right that is. Curious? Join Nooks here.

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At Nooks we want to slow down the hectic property market in Stockholm and create an atmosphere suited for owners and buyers, rather than real estate agents.

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By making your home available on Nooks you don’t commit to a quick sell within one or two weeks, instead you can wait until everything feels right. If someone shows interest in your home and places a bid, you have the possibility to accept, decline or ignore it. When there’s a match, we take care of all the practicalities like an apartment viewing and paperwork.

As an interested buyer, placing a bid should not be guided by stress or fear, but on what you actually might be willing to pay. And even if you’re not looking to buy today you can always browse and follow the homes you love – that way you get notified the day an owner decides to sell.

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When you sign up with Nooks it’s up to you if you want to sell tomorrow, in one month or in a year. You do not pay anything, you’re always anonymous and we help with everything from photos to paperwork.

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Once your home is live on the site people can place indicative bids on what they would be willing to pay for it. You then decide if you want to accept, decline or ignore a bid.

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For a potential buyer Nooks opens up a new world of homes that have not been part of the property market before. If you find a home you love, place a bid.

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If you don’t feel like placing a bid but still want to keep up with what happens with a particular home, you can follow it. If the owner decides to sell sometime in the future, you will be the first to know.

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