Capturing the Networked Society


A Brand Film Where Every
Frame is a Real Story

Ericsson has a vision called “The Networked Society”, where everything that can benefit from being connected will be. Today we are right in the middle of that transformation, and we are constantly seeing the value created from it.

We initiated this project together with Ericsson both as a study and a celebration about the individuals and initiatives around the world who use mobility to innovate and redefine what something is.

Brand films like this are usually filled with nice looking, but generic images. We’ve all seen the city skyline sunsets, the trains rushing by, people commuting to work. With this project, we wanted to avoid metaphors altogether and instead only feature real initiatives from real people around the world.

It took us two months and trips to over 25 countries to capture the whole story. Visit the campaign site at www.ericsson.com/stories for a full experience.

“The efforts mark a shift for Ericsson as it expands beyond networks and into new businesses such as cloud computing…”
61 stories about connectivity from 25 countries
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4 individual film teams travelled to nearly every corner of the world to capture stories about connectivity.

“As online video gains more popularity, the mobility company shows us how filmed experiences will help brands differentiate.”

Massive amounts of footage was collected and edited into the different film edits.

When pausing the film on the campaign site, you get a small editorial connected to that specific frame.
Each of the 61 case studies have their own page and short film. Here are some examples.

Case #21 – A Family Reunited

A small child is accidentally separated from his family and ends up thousands of miles away from home. Twenty-five years later, he is able to use the connected satellite imagery

of Google Earth to find his way home again. Sound like a fairy tale? It happened to Saroo Brierley. We visited him and his mother in Khandwa, India to hear his story.

Case #07 – Connecting Mountains

The Myagdi District of the Himalayas is one of the most isolated places in the world. Its high mountains, deep valleys, wind and sheer rock make it almost impossible to connect to the outside world. After receiving his master’s degree in education in 1997, Mahabir Pun

returned to his home village, seeking a solution to connect it to the outside world. Today, 17 years after his initial idea, more than 175 rural villages in Nepal have an internet connection.

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Case #48 – Making Contact Sports Safer

MC10, a company that takes conventional electronics and transforms them into a material that can stretch, bend and twist with the active human body. Last year, MC10 teamed up with Reebok to create CHECKLIGHT, a cap with embedded electronic sensors that measure the impacts sustained by athletes during contact sports.

The CHECKLIGHT’s sensors collect data which is processed through an advanced algorithm, giving trainers and referees the ability to monitor a player’s health status in real time from the sideline and take appropriate action when needed.

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Visit the full campaign site at www.ericsson.com/stories
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