Inventing The Future of Sound


A visual brand overhaul

Dirac is world leading in making any audio system sound better, much better. No matter if we’re talking big or small speakers, a car’s hi-fi system or even regular headphones – Dirac’s solutions makes a universe of difference to the sound output. However hearing is believing, for example you reading this text will have a hard time imagining what that difference sound like. So, how do you take this digital sound optimisation, developed over 15 years by a devoted group of super-phd-audiophiles, and make it look and feel as fantastic as it actually is?

We were asked to crack this nut and in close dialogue with Dirac we created a full brand platform for Dirac covering all aspects of communication: messaging, visuals, tone-of-voice, web, apps all got a complete make over to express its true qualities.

New logo, new visual language, new site, new photo content, new everything.

A new photo style was established for the brand.

car logos fonts color-patches blue-symbol products
Each of Dirac’s 7 product families got their own image material, illustrations and iconography.

Dirac HD Sound


Dirac Powersound

icons-collection panoramasound

Dirac Panorama Sound


A series of graphical backgrounds were created for presentations.

business-card sound-wave-icon
The website was rebuilt from scratch.
web speaker-icon
The website dirac.com was rebuilt from scratch.

The mobile interface also got a facelift of course.

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