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Sorry all you Keep Calm and Carry On posters out there. With the birth of Onehundredforty you will probably have to say goodbye to many living room walls around the world. But Onehundredforty isn’t just another online poster shop with prints that everyone else has. Onehundredforty’s mission is to give more people access to affordable and unique art. Super contemporary art actually, since the project’s very core is based on Twitter.

With the combination of great code, talented designers and your (or other people’s) 140 character thoughts – you can get your own unique handcrafted art piece. All designs are printed on high-quality eco paper, embossed, signed, numbered and presented in high-quality packaging. No numbered series, no repeats – only originals.

Want to try it out for yourself? Pick a tweet that means something to you and get going here or visit the project at Instagram.

“Your Best Tweets Can Live On as Art Prints” psfk_logo
140_img1 140_img2

The project has gotten a lot of love from the internet community, and the twitter community especially.


What triggered us with the project was the mix: to create something where beautiful design, advanced tech and individual personality could meet.

140_img4 140_img5

Each design is based on the 140-grid, a set of defined layers and a lot of creative love.


Once created, each print is presented in an environment matching the design

“This is one of the coolest things i’ve seen in a while. Onehundredforty is an art experiment that merges smart programming with beautiful design to make personal art prints – from a tweet of your choice.” miss_moss

During the process, more than x lines of code has been written.

“We love it because it’s one of the first times we’ve seen technology ripped from the screen into the analog world in an effort to make our daily lives more beautiful and artwork more relevant.” well_made

We host a large community of skilled designers, painters, photographers and typography nerds in a vibrant mix of artistry.


And it’s not just designers. We work with a lot of skilled font foundries that equip our designs with cutting edge typefaces.


The printing process is a work of art in itself. We use 300gr./m2 paper, individually number each print and let the artist sign it.

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