Transparent Food Production


About the project

Garant is a private label food brand by Axfood. Their model is to offer the same, or better, standard of quality as the market-leading product, but at a lower price. But 9 times out of 10, low price means bad quality or that someone gets too little for their labor, right? Therefore we wanted to put Garant’s production process to the test and set out to visit food producers all around the world.

We then created a shiny new website and social channels to house all of the stories, the products, and the philosophy behind them. Check it out at Garantskafferiet.se

We wanted to give more transparency to the production process and set out to visit Garant’s food producers around the world.

So far we have visited producers from Norway, Italy and the Dominican Republic. The project is ongoing and more will come.

An online editorial was created for each story.
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Cocoa farmers from the Fairtrade cooperative Conacado in the Dominican Republic.


Kjell aboard the Lofoten based fishing boat Öysten.


After 15 months and rigorous quality control, the wheels are marked with the Reggiano seal of approval.

A new website was created to house all new assets
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The social channels got a face lift to fit the new content and style.
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